The mission of Blue Cooler is simple: to bring food, clothing and build relationships with the homeless of the Twin Cities


our story

Blue Cooler started when Ryan Huisheere saw a need and felt compelled to do something about. In his work in Minneapolis, Ryan couldn't help but notice numerous people living on the streets, under freeway overpasses and bridges, and holding signs asking for support on street corners particularly during the long, harsh Minnesota winters. Ryan didn't just see a need, he also saw people and it moved him to do something about it. 

He started going out on his day off with a backpack full of hats and gloves, and a blue Coleman cooler filled with food. When he told people about what he was doing they wanted to get involved.

Ryan created a GoFundMe and quickly he had more than $1,000! Realizing that this was growing beyond just himself, Ryan shared what he was doing with his church and they got excited too. They agreed to provide accounting and financial support so that all donations made to Ryan's work would be tax deductible.

Looking for a name for what he was doing Ryan turned to his signature blue cooler and Blue Cooler was born. 

It is a simple idea with huge potential. Meeting people in need where they are with what they need most with no agenda.